Kathleen Hodge Psychic Medium

What is it I do? I serve as a bridge between you and Spirit allowing me to deliver messages from our World of the living and those who have passed on. I also receive messages that are from the past, present, and future.

Why is it I do this? I do this to be of service to not only you, but also your loved ones who have passed who may want to communicate with you from the other side.   I feel if I can help in the least little way by bringing comfort, support, guidance or a sense of peace to you it makes it all worthwhile.

Why you ask?  I know how it feels to lose somebody I dearly love. My son transitioned unexpectedly at the age of 22 years old.  It changed not only my life but who I was and put me on a journey to who I am now.

Certificate of Completion, Mediumship - Sedona, AZ

Certified in the Anastasi System Psychic/Mediumship - Atlanta, GA

Certified Shamanic Practitioner - Raleigh, NC

Cheryl W

My name is Cheryl W from Amherst N.Y. Kathleen did my very first psychic reading and I have to say, she did a great job. After I felt relieved and kinda inspired. She had information about my future that I didn’t realize was possible. She help me get through a couple questions about/for my dad. I will be getting another reading in the future.

Kevin S

I was recommended to schedule a reading with Kathy through a friend and ended up receiving the reading over the phone a few days later. As someone unfamiliar with mediumship and this being my first reading done by a psychic, Kathy was very patient and explanatory to guide me through the process comfortably and with an open mind. Having never spoken to Kathy before, I was genuinely surprised at the personal messages she was relaying me, bringing up topics specific to me that I am often not upfront about nor that I expected to hear from a reading. However, there was not a single thing she told me during the reading that did not resonate with me or give me something to ponder moving forward after the reading. I won’t delve into specifics, but roughly 2 weeks later I have already seen some of the events that were foretold in the reading taking effect, and have been able to make very positive experiences of them. The reading overall was a very comfortable and personable interaction and I would happily reach out to her again.